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Miner (ASIC) Hosting $0.04/kWh + $15 All-In/Month
Alternatively $39 kW/Month All-In VAT Included

World's Cheapest Miner (ASIC) Hosting

International Collocation Data Center For Cryptocurrency Mining In Siberia

Siberian Climate

Siberian Climate

Bratsk is an ideal place for mining with cold Siberian climate and average annual temperature of -2°C (28,4°F).
Cheap Electric Energy Rates

Cheap Electric Energy Rates

Electricity rate in Bratsk is one of the cheapest in the world. Our data center capacity is 63 MW of total electricity ready on site.
Technical Support 24/7

Technical Support 24/7

Technical specialists are available 24/7 and always ready to help.
Outstanding Security

Outstanding Security

Real-time HD surveillance and completely secure location. Armed officers of Russian National Guard guarding the location 24/7.
Full Remote Control

Full Remote Control

We provide you full access via secure VPN. It's up to you which pool to pick. We don't mess with your cryptocurrency assets. We don’t touch your settings unless you want us to.
Absolutely Legal

Absolutely Legal

No need to hide from anyone. The site is guarded by the state security service (Russian National Guard) and absolutely legal.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why are the hosting prices so low?

Our mission is to create one of the biggest mining data center in the world keeping our high service standards and affordable price for our clients. We have more than 63 MW of cheap electricity enough to run tens of thousands mining units simultaneously. This amount and scale also benefits to our services’ price.

Why it's wise to host your 40FT/20FT Containers in Bratsk?

The concept of mobile open-air box for miners comes from both economical and technical sides of mining as it combines mobility, low-cost production, good air-cooling features, security etc. We understand it totally and knowing how popular 40FT/20FT Container solutions have become we are making the best possible hosting place for them in the world. What's included in our hosting fee:

  • Internet access with 2 x 1 Gbit/s optic lines.
  • Armed security for the perimeter provided by the state Russian National Guard.
  • 24/7 tech support is available with a hot phone line for our clients.
  • Electrical power management and support specialists.
  • HD surveillance.
What is included into the standard indoors hosting service price?

The fee includes every possible service except the power consumed by your miners. All prices include VAT. The most obvious services are the following:

  • Internet access with 2 x 1 Gbit/s optic lines.
  • Automatic forced cooling management. The working area for miners is completely isolated from hot air flow they generate.
  • 24/7 tech support is available with a hot phone line for our clients. Tech support specialist are ready to check any unit individually.
  • Regular compressed air cleaning for miners from dust.
  • Armed security for the perimeter provided by the state Russian National Guard.
  • HD surveillance.
What are the details on indoors cooling and keeping the unit's work temperature comfortable?

Our clients are happy with best hash rates possible with no network events, no power failures and no overheating. That's because the organization of proper cooling and temperature control is number one priority for our company. Our main investment expenses come from building a technically perfect tech facilities for our clients' miners. The cooling is based on forced active hot and cold air management. It runs by heavy coolers with automatic dust filtering.

All hosting is located in separate tech rooms which are divided into the hot and cold air chambers so that the hot air coming out from the miners is isolated and does not interact with the electronics again but immediately is being removed outside from the building. Not only hot air management is active. Every cubic meter of cold air pushed to the equipment is based on automated data from temperature detectors which control active system of cold air coolers.

Cold Siberian climate is not forgiving for amateurs. Each season has it’s own cooling priorities. We control the perfect comfortable working temperature no matter what season.

Security standards

The site is guarded by state security service of Russian National Guard. All security officers are armed. Their regular job also includes patrolling and security routines such as exterior examination, unit counting, and motion detection with face recognition algorithms. Every miner is monitored by an HD video surveillance camera.

What level of remote control a client can have over his miner?

The client has full access to the hardware settings and can change them as often as desired. In addition to remote access, we have implemented several ways of remote control for client. It includes individual surveillance HD-cameras which a client can access through the mobile application at any time. A close examination of the equipment can be provided by a tech service specialist anytime you want as well as extra cleaning, rebooting etc.

How is the technical support organized?

Our technical support is available 24/7. All the technical specialists have an IT university degree and should have a special training before getting the job.

Who is responsible for the safety of the miners?

When the contract is signed full responsibility for the safety of the equipment is now our job. It includes any incidents with the equipment happen from our fault or its security within the walls of our data center.

Delivery options

Before the delivery of the miners, a contract must be signed. There are several ways of making the delivery:

  • Miners can be delivered in person by a client side representative.
  • Miners can be sent by a courier or a transport company.
  • Miners can be shipped by a reseller/production directly.
Is it possible to visit the data center?

We are happy to give you a tour of our data center. For the privacy reasons of our existing clients our company needs to verify an identity of a person who wants to see the site. To schedule a tour, please reach us out with the company contacts section below.

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Air Cooling Tech Explained

Our data center consists of many facilities developed by a talented team of IT-engineers, air-management specialists with all the possible requirements for uninterruptible power supply, security and fire safety measures.

The name CryptoReactor came from the slang metaphor for the system of hot air distribution which requires all the generated hot air to be isolated in one chamber aka "the reactor".

All the cold air in the cold air chamber area inside a working facility is kept isolated for the hot air exhaust with automatic system of temperature detectors.

There is also an alternative "Great Wall" type of workshops in our data center. It looks like more straightforward approach but sometimes it serves as a more reliable air distribution for mining units.